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“Turning NATO’s Words into Action After the Brussels Meeting”

One advantage of reading the Federal Register every day while looking for RFPs is that I also get a first look at how bureaucrats are trolling the politicians who are supposed to be the bureaucrats’ masters. In today’s Federal Register, for example, there is a notice for the “Turning NATO’s Words into Action After the Brussels Meeting” (this is not a joke and that is a real link). Given the current words of the United States Executive Branch, which I will not belabor here (you’ve either been following that news or not or are on Mars), I can’t help but think that someone is having a good time with some dark humor at the “U.S. Mission to NATO,” which is the federal agency that issued this particular RFP.

There is $100,000 available for two awards, should you want to apply. I can only wish you good luck in attempting to achieve the program’s purpose, which at this juncture seems even less achievable than many of the projects we work on. The RFP invites applicants to “submit project proposals which encourage public discussions and creative public engagements in Europe.” I can think of at least one major way to encourage “creative public engagements in Europe,” but that way starts with the House of Representatives, not with the two nonprofits that might get this funding.

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