For nonprofit & public agencies, click here.

For businesses & individuals, click here.

Services for Nonprofit and Public Agencies

  • Writing all types of grant proposals, including federal, state, county, city, private foundation and corporate giving.
  • Conducting grant source research to identify potential funding opportunities for project concepts. We closely monitor government grant availability and use a database of over 20,000 foundation and corporate giving sources.
  • Editing client draft proposals and providing technical assistance.


Services for Businesses and Individuals

We provide grant writing, grant source research and editing services for selected businesses that are eligible applicants for federal, state or local government grants, direct loans, and loan guarantee programs. Examples of business concepts that may be appropriate for Seliger + Associates’ assistance include:

  • Alternative energy research, development and manufacturing, such as solar, wind, and geothermal power generation; advanced battery development; electric vehicle research or manufacturing; waste-to-energy resource recovery; smart electrical grid development; broadband access, etc.
  • Research and product development for existing and emerging health care issues, including new treatment approaches, diagnostics, and medical devices.
  • Projects that address global warming and sustainability issues.
  • Sustainable agricultural research and product development.
  • Basic and applied high-tech research and product development.
  • Affordable housing development.
  • Job training in high-growth occupations and industries, including green jobs.

In selected situations, we will accept individuals who are qualified researchers or scientists and are eligible applicants for government grant or loan programs as clients.

Most businesses and individuals are not eligible for grant programs. Seliger + Associates does not work for businesses and individuals involved in retail, home-based or on-line sales; consulting and professional services practices; multi-level marketing; most manufacturers, unless the project includes an economic development or job training component; child care facilities; and the like.