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$5 million for the NOAA’s “Environmental Literacy Program”

Most social and human service agencies probably won’t notice the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) funding opportunity for the “Environmental Literacy Program: Increasing community resilience to extreme weather & climate change” program. But those social and human service agencies should slow down, because the program has $5 million available for 12 grants up to $500,000 to have local community members “participate in formal and/or informal education experiences that develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence” that will help them become knowledgeable about environmental issues. Smart executive directors who read this description will sit up straighter and think, “walkin’ around money.” The funding agency may be unusual, but the ends to which the money will be put are not. So if your nonprofit or public agency seeks some walkin’ around money, call us at 800.540.8906 ext. 1 for a fast, free fee quote.