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Seliger + Associates provides grant writing and grant source research for nonprofits, public agencies and selected businesses throughout the United States. We have been in business since 1993 and have written over $340 million in funded grants. We use a turn-key approach. In most cases, our clients only have to give us general direction and we do all the rest.

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The first five FY ’20 HRSA Service Area Competition (SAC) NOFOs are out!

HRSA’s first five FY ’20 HRSA Service Area Competition (SAC) NOFOs are out, with about $1 billion available for more than 300 grantees. One more SAC NOFO will be out soon. Is it time for your FQHC’s SAC application or does your agency want to challenge an existing Section grantee for the SAC grant? Find out from the SAC Announcement Table, then call us at 800.540.8906, ext. 1, or email us at seliger@seliger.com for a free fee quote to have us write your entire proposal or edit your draft for a reasonable flat fee. The EHB deadlines are also approaching. We’ve written dozens of funded SAC and other HRSA proposals for FQHCs.