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Links: The digital revolution, NIMBYs and your paycheck, flu shots, batteries, details, Texas is our future, and more!

* “The Limits Of The Digital Revolution: Why Our Washing Machines Won’t Go To The Moon:” On the future of work and why innovation may be slowing.

* How NIMBYs make your paycheck smaller.

* “For God’s Sake, Go Get a Flu Shot.” This may be the most immediately actionable piece you read today.

* “Why San Francisco’s way of doing business beat Los Angeles’.”

* The invisible device that powers everything you do, on lithium-ion batteries and John Goodenough, who is responsible for more of the modern world than is commonly realized.

* “Inside the lab: Why Apple still sweats the details on iMac,” a fascinating story; Apple also updated iMacs on October 13. The 5K iMac is an amazing machine. If you order, make sure you get the Fusion drive upgrade.

* Europe’s love affair with diesel cars has been a disaster. Also: Car dealers are awful. It’s time to kill the dumb laws that keep them in business.

* “What’s Really Killing Digital Health Startups.” See also our post on FQHCs and EMRs.

* “Why Texas Is Our Future,” and why so many people are moving there.

* “The 2016 Chevy Volt: An energy-efficient car that doesn’t drive like one.”

* Why high-speed rail doesn’t work in the U.S., from someone who actually works on rail projects.

* “What [If Anything] We’re Buying With $1 Trillion in Student Loans.” I propose that all further articles about higher education, cost, and access must use the phrase or at least concept “Diminishing marginal utility” or “Diminishing marginal returns.” As noted here and elsewhere, treating “college” as if it’s one big, identical thing is crazy.

* “‘Guilty until proven innocent’: life after a false rape accusation: A growing group of men are calling for changes in the law around sexual assault to protect those who are the victims of false accusations.”

* Why nuclear energy is our best option at the moment: shout it from the rooftops. Most international political problems are really energy problems in disguise.

* A penny for your books, making a point I’ve long reiterated.

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