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Grant Writing Acronyms Explained and a Bonus in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill

We’ve added a link to “Acronyms” in Grant Writing Confidential’s header. The new page defines and explains many of the fun acronyms used by grant writers, so if you ever read in an RFP or elsewhere that “a CBO has been dispatched for BBQ to IHEs and the DOL ASAP,” you’ll know that “a community-based organization has been dispatched for barbeque needed by the institutes of higher education and the Department of Labor as soon as possible.”

I’ll reiterate what the post itself says: “More acronyms will be added over time; if you have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to e-mail Jake Seliger.”

On an unrelated note, in “Looking at the Stimulus Bill from a Grant Writer’s Perspective” Isaac predicted:

And any programs that get stripped out of the Stimulus Bill will no doubt re-emerge shortly in new appropriations bills after the dust settles and the press corps has moved on to the next crisis.

That was published Feb. 4. Today, on Feb. 24, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published “Democrats Unveil Spending Bill for Rest of Fiscal ’09,” which says that “House leaders released a $410 billion spending plan for the rest of fiscal 2009, with increases proposed for long-neglected Democratic priorities ranging from health care to education to public housing.” In addition, “The omnibus package […] would raise overall spending by 8.7% from 2008.” In other words, some programs that the Stimulus Bill missed will probably be funded in the new appropriation bill.