Huge new EDA RFP to be issued for capital, facility projects!

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) will issue a huge, up to $3 billion, FY ’21 Public Works Economic Adjustment Assistance (PWEAA) NOFO in the next two weeks, with new funding coming via the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA).

While the amount of available funding and maximum grant awards aren’t yet known, the grant maximum should be much higher than the typical EDA maximum of $1M per project. Also, EDA’s standard application process requires 50% match, but this will be lowered to 20%.

EDA funds a wide array of capital projects. Seliger + Associates has written many funded EDA grants and we’re very familiar with the application/approval process. Call 800.540.8906 ext. 1, or email, to have us write your EDA proposal, or edit your draft, for a reasonable flat fee.