About Seliger + Associates Grant Writing

This blog is maintained by Isaac and Jake Seliger. Both of us are Principals at Seliger + Associates Grant Writing, which provides comprehensive grant writing, grant source research, and related services.

Isaac has been working with nonprofit and public agencies for more than 44 years, and in that time he’s written hundreds of proposals. He has probably seen every manner of proposal blunder imaginable and has seen endless grant fads come and go, and you will have a chance to read his observations, reminiscences and anecdotes, while picking up useful tips gleaned from a lifetime of staring down proposal deadlines.

His son, Jake, is fond of telling potential clients that while some people grow up with parents who own Italian restaurants and thus inherit recipes for marinara sauce, and others have parents who are developers and thus know their cities’ zoning laws intimately, he was raised by a clan of grant writers who were eager for the next round of YouthBuild or SAMHSA grants to be released. As a result, his knowledge of grant writing is broader and deeper than anyone else his age. He writes the literary blog The Story’s Story and is the author of Asking Anna, among other works. He’s taught writing at the University of Arizona, the City University of New York (CUNY) Baruch, and other schools.